RTIK Powder IS the original and best non-isolate cannabinoid powder. Unlike other powders, ours is a non-isolate powder, which means no chemicals were used in the making of our powder.  Our product is designed for the discrete consumer who wants the freedom to orally (or sublingually) enjoy their CBD, CBG, and CBN powders when, where, and how they chose. We also do not use high temperatures or solvents to create our powder. What is so amazing is our production lead time that averages One Day to produce.

RTIK is challenging the way cannabinoid powder is made without sacrificing your taste buds to terrible tasting crystals or oils. Our cannabinoid powder is made with the highest quality cannabinoid oil and our proprietary powder (which is Vegan and Organic) and that is it. There is no isolate, MCT, coconut oil, cocoa butter, theanine, sunflower lecithin in our powder and that is the way we like it! We produce CBD, CBG, CBN powders as well as other lessor occurring cannabinoid powders for consumers who want convenience and discretion. 

Our cannabinoid powder dissolves in water and can be used sublingually or orally. Simply place the powder under your tongue or in drinks or on food. And yes, you can bake with our powder. Just calculate the powder as a dry ingredient and you have an edible! 

When we do flavor our electrolyte powders, Foodarom, the premier international flavor house, assists. Our relationship with Foodarom started in 2019, when we worked with them to provide flavors for Canndescent’s edibles, called “Good Mints.” Because of this relationship, we can provide you with a wide range of tastes in natural, non GMO, organic, and EU certified flavors. As our cannabinoid oils are specially crafted, we do not use masking agents to flavor our powder. 

The original RTIK Powder was invented in 2017 to address severe pain issues and was made with THC. Testing on this product revealed it was "too strong" for today's cannabis market. A few months later, our formula was licensed by THC producers in Nevada and California in powder and in mints. What we learned while working side by side with these companies from 2018 through 2019 elevated our skills to build our own laboratory and manufacturing plant. [Note: Our company licenses our THC process to certified companies; in our facilities we do not produce THC powder.] 

At the core of our beliefs is dedication to the medical patient. We control each aspect of the oil and powder; that allows us to attain the highest level of purity and potency that patients deserve at an affordable price. We include tests results both on the oil and the powder assuring the purest cannabinoid powder available. 

With the massive rise of the cannabis field, we stand firm on our standards. Patients come first, period. From our selection of highest quality oil to our proprietary conversation process, we at RTIK-Brands strive to provide a medical grade powder that you can depend on.